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Véro, France tour guide and French language instructor smiling an a French beach.

They say strangers in a foreign culture may only see what they know. 

France has been the most visited country in the world for decades and Paris is a city that continues to inspire many dreams. As a result, Paris and France have been the focus of a constant stream of publications, movies, products and services targeting  francophiles (and francophones) around the world, often in CliffsNotes format.

Véro, France tour guide and French language instructor smiling an a French beach.
A beautiful, sunny day in France with a chateau and reflection in the water

France with Véro aims to go one step (or two) deeper into exploring French life and culture in all its diversity, complexity and frequent contradictions. Managed by Véro, a French native, this community inspires, informs and will be a valuable resource when planning a trip or an extended stay in France. 

You'll know more on your next visit. Guaranteed.

Jeanne: “I’m parched. Let’s order a diabolo-fraise!”

Jeanne la Cane loves a refreshing diabolo-fraise on hot summer days.

I wear many hats and share content appealing to all learning styles and interests: Blogposts, photo essays, newsletters, in-person tours (in Tours, Loire Valley,) virtual tours (in Paris and beyond) and online French conversation classes. All these stories are inter-connected.

Long time members of the France with Vero community say that exchanging with Véro is like chatting with your best French friend, one who recognizes there are no silly questions and is very good at debunking outdated stereotypes about her homeland… while making them smile about it all. 

Join the fun. I hope you like it here, chez Véro.

Jeanne: “I’m parched. Let’s order a diabolo-fraise!”

Jeanne la Cane loves a refreshing diabolo-fraise on hot summer days.

Smiling Véro in a yellow sweater and beautiful scarf

Meet me virtually (or in person)

I love sharing French life and my native culture. I'm so happy to have you join me. Be sure to also visit me on social so you don't miss a thing.

Visit the Presse page for interviews, appearances, or booking info. Questions about classes or tours? Contact me, I am happy to answer.

Get to know more about my story

I am a  dual French-American national who grew up in France and has spent many years of her adult life navigating between two cultures, France and the United States. 

Through the English language, I fell in love with English-speaking cultures, the UK first, then the United States. 

After completing part of my college studies in Atlanta, Georgia, I moved to Seattle where I lived, studied, and worked for more than two decades before relocating permanently to France in 2019. 

The humble blog I launched from my suburban American kitchen more than a decade ago (“French Girl in Seattle”)  turned into a fast-growing Facebook community I still inform and interact with today. 

Along the way, this lifelong learner (and quick study!) acquired valuable skills in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, skills I use every day while managing France with Vero. 

Most importantly, teaching has always been part of my life. It still is today whether I write, run virtual or in-person tours, or lead French conversation classes. If you enjoy learning about France, you’ve come to the right place. Bienvenue.

Véro - France with Véro
Collage of Véro in Paris and other parts of France

YOU make the difference! Your insights, humor, knowledge, passion, and “je ne sais quoi”charisma attract followers and keep us coming back for more. ♥️

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You are a genuinely knowledgeable guide to the sites and culture of France. Because you have lived in the USA, you have a unique ability to compare and contrast life in the two nations—a real plus for American travelers. Plus, you are fun to follow, always upbeat, often humorous, and lively.

France with Véro Patron

Frequently Asked Questions

You (and other French people) often say “Paris n’est pas la France” (Paris is not France.) What do you mean by that?

I was born in southwestern France. By the time I turned 20 my family had lived in four different French regions before settling down in Paris. I realized early on that France is a very diverse country and that its beautiful regions, their history, traditions and specialties, are well worth celebrating. It pains me to see that many visitors ONLY visit Paris, over and over and claim to understand “the French” and “French culture.” 

When people mention the famous Charles de Gaulle quote: How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese? they may not know DeGaulle tried to introduce a major reform of French regions before he left power in 1969. He was well aware of the strength of regional cultures and the necessity to decentralize some of the power in the country outside Paris. 

My business is named “France with Vero.” I make a point to share the beauty of ALL the parts of France I know and love. That includes Paris where I’ve lived on and off for more than 15 years, and a lot more!

France and French culture get covered a lot, especially in English. What makes France with Vero different from other online communities?

Good question. I asked my patrons in a survey recently.

Several pointed out that having lived in another culture (the United States) for more than two decades, I have the ability to compare and contrast life in different cultures. Instead of just sharing anecdotes or lists of characteristics related to French culture, I also try to provide context to explain behaviors that I know will (insert one) surprise/confuse/annoy visitors. 

This has come in really handy as a tour guide leading private or group tours for English speakers around my homeland.

You always say you wear many hats. What hat do you prefer wearing?

I don’t need to have a favorite: With France with Véro, I am alternatively a local or itinerant tour guide, a virtual tour guide, a French language instructor or a content creator. All these hats come from the same wardrobe (mine!) and complement each other.

As a lifelong learner, I enjoy the opportunity to keep researching and learning and later share that knowledge during online French classes, tours or stories published on social media. 

Wearing many hats also means there is no routine in my life. Every day, every week is different. This may not work for everyone, but it works great for me. I'm very grateful to be doing what I love the most, learning, teaching and traveling for a living.

You seem quite busy already. Are you planning to add services down the road?

Certainly! France with Vero was born during a worldwide crisis in 2020. The world has changed since, and it’s likely the focus of my activities will change too over time.

The French content I share on a regular basis is always well received on social media. There could be an audience for virtual tours in French led by an experienced educator.

Some students in the French conversation bootcamps I run online have been asking for weeklong French immersion workshops in Tours, my city. When joining me, participants would get to spend time with a teacher who is also a tour guide, a great opportunity to improve their French language skills while exploring the beautiful Loire Valley.

Down the road, I may offer small group tours. Paris (with some of my favorite off-the-beaten path adventures) or other regions in France many English speakers aren’t that familiar with.

A suivre. Wait and see… Like always, France with Vero patrons will be the first to find out new services, will get priority registration, and will enjoy discounts. Membership does have its privileges chez Véro. 🙂

You have beautiful photos! Can I use one on...

I take great pride in documenting my French life and travels and all photography on the site is fully owned and copy written by France with Véro. (See the Terms & Conditions for more information regarding intellectual property.)

Interested in publishing one of my photos? Please reach out and let's talk.

France with Véro's watercolored French bulldog with a striped sweater and red beret