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Véro on the balcony of iconic La Maison Fournaise on a sunny day


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Véro on the balcony of iconic La Maison Fournaise on a sunny day

Photo-essays, Instagram reels (short videos with music that let me pretend I am a famous movie director,) impromptu chats on social media (in English or in French) live-streamed virtual tours, videos: Most of the content I’ve shared online for over a decade is free.

I am lucky to make a living doing what I love, telling stories about my homeland, learning and teaching while meeting some pretty cool people along the way.

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Véro - France with Véro

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Have you met Jeanne?

Jeanne la Cane is our resident mascot and Véro's favorite travel companion. She has become quite the fan favorite. Here are a few of her travel adventures. Where will she go next? Be sure to follow the links above to join her fun.

Jeanne visiting the seaside in Marseilles
Jeanne sunbathing in Marseille.
Jeanne et les bags in Lille, France
Jeanne in Lille, northern France.
Jeanne enjoying a coffee with Pateron members at a Paris Meetup
Jeanne meets Patrons in Paris.

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It’s a nice feeling to know I continue to inspire folks and make a difference for people out there. Don’t take my word for it. Read some testimonials collected from a Patron survey I ran in January 2023 and even more accolades here.

Fan faves on YouTube

I wouldn’t want you to believe that the French are obsessed with food! Still, maybe we are, un petit peu (a little bit) as demonstrated in these two virtual tours filmed in Paris and in Nice. Bon voyage (et bon appétit) !

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