Move on Galette des Rois! It’s February and this month France is indulging in crêpe parties with abandon!

February 2nd. C’est la Chandeleur (Candlemas) originally a Christian Holiday celebrated 40 days after Christmas.

It’s 2023. Everyone’s pressed for time: Boulangeries sell them, pre-made, pre-filled, pre-folded in a triangle shape so school kids can pick them up on the way home, so adults can partake too.

At home, “maman” (ou “papa”) might prepare a special “goûter” for the younger ones.

If a birthday is coming up, it might very well turn into a crêpe party.

French stores have got us covered offering products, from the simple flat pan (“la crêpière”) to a line of appliances. One can make a very professional-looking crêpe using “une billig” like restaurants do.

There’s another option, the one I chose today: Head to a local crêperie and order a savory crêpe (or “galette bretonne”) made with “sarrazin” (buckwheat flour) or a sweet one (made with “froment,” wheat.)

Don’t forget the cider, whether it comes from Brittany or Normandy. Choose between “brut” (dry) “Demi-sec” (medium-dry) or “doux” (sweet.)

Tours, my city, has quite a few good crêperies, but to celebrate la Chandeleur on my way to an appointment I headed to Le Timbre Poste (the Postage Stamp) recommended by a new friend who hails from Brittany.

An intimate room, one (efficient) waitress, cute decor (Post-office themed) and delicious specialties made proudly with quality products await.

I got there early (at noon sharp!) and had no problem getting a table. At 12.90 Euros the “Formule du Jour” (prix fixe meal) does not break the bank and includes 1 galette, 1 crêpe… and a coffee. Cider is extra.

Lunch took under 45 minutes. This is the only type of “restauration rapide” (fast food) I’ll still have these days.

What about you?

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Véronique of France with Véro

Véronique of France with Véro

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