July on the road

Bonjour. Comment ça va?
I hope summer is treating you well wherever you may be. I’ve been at home in the Loire Valley this month, enjoying the slower pace of French life in August.

“Voilà mon été français.” Here’s how my French summer has been going so far.

Would you like to tag along?

In July, I toured with a Rick Steves group of North American travelers. With the exception of the heat that caught up with us a few days into the trip the group and their tour guides enjoyed soaking up French life and visiting landmarks in several favorite regions from Chartres to Chinon (Loire Valley,) to Sarlat (Périgord,) Carcassonne, Arles, le Pont du Gard, les Baux and finally Nice. That’s 13 days of a great itinerary showcasing the diversity and regional cultures of la Belle France.

Our fun itinerant adventures may have turned into a gastronomic Tour de France now and then…

A long awaited vacation at the end of July: Arcachon and the Atlantic Coast

After I left our group in Nice the popular Arcachon seaside resort with its historic district and clean, sprawling sand beaches proved the perfect place to unwind in the sun for a few days (with much more civilized weather.)

Once home I shared photos, videos, a new guided virtual tour (see below) and a fun experience on the exclusive Cap Ferret peninsula on the France with Vero blog.

I was happy to see that corner of the country (where most tourists spoke French) came as a pleasant surprise to many members of my online community.

Slow days of August in the Loire Valley

If you are going to be on a staycation in France the peaceful yet scenic Loire Valley is a great choice. Lucky for me I’ve lived here since May 2021!

I am generous and love to share the bounties of this incredible region from the Touraine to the Anjou with those who can’t visit in person.

Tours, my city, always welcomes me back with a smile and provides much-needed peace and a break from my crazy life.

Street at night

Urban summer vibes, rue Châteauneuf, Tours

Let’s be honest: It’s only been a staycation of sorts. I’ve kept sharing favorite slices of French life on social media. “On ne se refait pas.” A tiger can’t change its stripes, n’est-ce-pas?

We are a few days away from the start of the second-half of the touring season. Soon, I’ll be heading back to Paris and French roads with new groups of North American travelers.

There will also be two meet-ups with France with Véro patrons in Paris this fall. It will be a lot of fun to meet in person those who has been supporting this small business of mine since 2020.
Without them no one would be enjoying the virtual adventures I continue to create like the ones listed below: I’d have another job.

Consider joining our very active community on Patreon et… “merci beaucoup!”

For now “voilà” several fun virtual tours (and videos) you may have missed so you, too, can enjoy my French summer!

May you enjoy traveling with Véro once again!

Véronique - France with Véro
Véronique of France with Véro

Véronique of France with Véro

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