My last chance to say “Coucou!” in 2022

Bonjour les amis,

“C’est le 31 décembre.” Last day of the year.

After two years of challenges, many thought 2022 would be easier to navigate, that our lives (as we knew them) could finally resume.

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Some struggled with “the new normal,” a new career path perhaps and the new routines it entailed. We were all impacted by the constant backdrop of depressing news from a war in a not-so-distant country to warnings about staff shortages in just about every sector of the economy, inflation or depleted energy sources.

Fun times ahead, “n’est-ce-pas”?

Some plowed ahead with boundless energy and enthusiasm, determined to turn 2022 into a success, leaving no space for anxiety, hesitation, or regrets.

Others moved forward more cautiously, waiting and seeing.

Many dusted off their bags and traveled around the world once again.

I understand them all. During this transition year for France with Véro I was alternately filled with energy and enthusiasm, creating new content and tours, and then hesitant about the path to follow or (more often than not) caught in such a frenzy of activity there was barely enough time to think. And I traveled extensively.

“Jouons cartes sur table”. Let’s be honest here.

2022 was so busy (in large part because of the 100+ days I spent away from home during the touring season) I felt the need to make last-minute changes to my end-of-year plans.

I had to slow down, “enfin” (at long last.)

My son flew over from Seattle for the Holidays and after visiting relatives in Paris we took an entire week off (ah, the luxury!) to spend time together in my adoptive city, Tours, Loire Valley.

I cancelled travel plans scheduled at the end of the year. I will not be live-streaming tonight, on December 31, as originally planned.

Life on social media matters (I’ve continued sharing stories daily this month and hope you’ve enjoyed them) but real life matters even more.

My son (his name is Alec even if I often refer to him as “Junior”) is still here as I type this. We will be celebrating the New Year in Tours with friends tonight.

I am a happy “Maman”.

Alec "Junior" and Véro in Tours, France for the holiday

What’s ahead for France with Véro?

… and is it worth sticking around?

“Je l’espère.” I hope so.

New projects (including a new website and new local partnerships in the Loire Valley to better serve your travel needs) new destinations to explore (and new virtual tours and content to enjoy) and hopefully many new encounters with locals and international visitors.

Not a bad outlook if you ask me, especially if you are interested in learning more about la Belle France and look at it through this French native’s eyes.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve made some plans, and there’s a sense of anticipation at the start of this new year.

A promise: In 2023 (my 11th year as a content creator) I will strive to keep things real when I continue sharing my French life and beautiful homeland, with a healthy serving of inspired (and lesser-known) stories, several scoops of photos and videos to satisfy the visual learners among you, a pinch of insights into the French language, and bien sûr, a sprinkle of humor.

Thank you to France with Véro patrons and my French students, the “wind beneath my wings” who quite simply (and ever so generously) help pay the bills to keep this small business running.

I love what I do. On social media, numbers in the growing France with Véro community indicate you love what I do too. Merci.

It’s easier than ever to support my creative endeavors (and treat yourself in the process. Sign up for an annual membership on Patreon and get two months free (offer valid for new and existing patrons.)

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and a smooth ride in 2023, with “beaucoup de petits bonheurs” (small joys) sprinkled along the way.

In closing, “un petit cadeau”. A small present. Voilà a short video inspired by a recent live-stream around the fabulously decorated plaza of the Paris “Hôtel de Ville”. Don’t listen to all the social media hype: This was the best place to enjoy the Holidays’ festive atmosphere in the French capital this year. — Why else would I be sharing it with this great community?

Thank you for being here. Bring it on, 2023! I am in good company.

Véronique - France with Véro
Véronique of France with Véro

Véronique of France with Véro

Vero shares her homeland weekly on social media with virtual tours, photo essays, live events and other publications at France with Vero. Learn more.

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